24 January 2011

Bleez Costume Boots: Heels & Alternate Method Bootcovers

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  1. hello, the shoes look stunning! I much appreciate the tutorials for bootcovers and you explain this so good even a beginner like myself feel that I can give it a chance! ;D

    I do have one question I would love to get an answer to if possible. I am planing on doing a Young justice Robin cosplay and I must ask what kind of fabric would you recommend? I would like for it to look a bit like PVC but not too shiny. is this possible with spandex?

    Hope your studies get along fine, have a pleasant trip and I look forward to see your finished costumes :D

    Kind regards,

  2. @Kirk sorry I am very slow to reply to comments! You can get 4-way stretch fabrics at spandexhouse.com they have a really big variety of finishes, you can most likely find something that works. I really like matte milliskin and wet-look spandex the best.
    Thank you!

  3. Whoa, this looks amazing. You pay so much attention to detail! Did you finish your costume yet? Pictures please! Probably beyond amazing, as your other costumes. Hope to see em up, and thanks for the post!

  4. aha, that's a great idea....!!!!

    thank for boot tutorial

  5. What would you recommend on making these?>>>

    Should I use a vinyl type fabric, most other cosplayers do for her but then wouldn't that be much harder to make, or do you have any tips on using a fabric that doesn't give at all?

  6. I used one of your tutorials for boot covers for a con last year and ran into some problems when it came to draping and pinning the fabric. Do you have any suggestions to make the pinning process easier?

  7. thanks! this is amazingly easy where I thought it was going to be like going through 5 stages of hell than the deepest darkest parts of the universe and then swimming through shark-infested waters multiplied by 6. Awesome!