24 January 2011

Bleez Costume Boots [in progress]: Heels & Alternate Method Bootcovers

Currently I'm working on a Bleez costume. I don't plan on wearing it until a summer con though.
Bleez is a Red Lantern.. she's angry, sexy, mostly really angry. She appeals to me because her design looks like Devilman, and her backstory is pretty interesting (although rough).

So this is ~in progress~ but I want to get some up now & post the rest later.
This post is a followup to the boot cover tutorial, as a method of making boots with no seam down the center and to show a technique for modifying the base shoes.

04 January 2011

Costuming: Stretch Applique Tutorial

In this tutorial I will be showing the technique I use for applique and reverse applique for stretch fabrics. The fabrics used in this tutorial (and in many of my costumes) are 4-way stretch lycra/milliskin from Spandex House.

Many characters have stretch bodysuits with emblems on the front or designs worked in. This can appear challenging and may have some people getting their Sharpie markers out.. but have no fear, this tutorial is here for you. No more puckered seams!

Also, you may find this tutorial helpful if you want to make your own swimsuit or leggings with some graphic designs.

Read on to find out how to do it yourself.