21 August 2011

Baltimore Comic Con 2011

I returned to Baltimore for one more day of summer convention fun, slightly bridging the gap between me and next year's Otakon. Last year was my first time attending BCC and I was hooked. It is a relatively small convention, mostly all in one big room, and it doesn't disappoint. Every year, they get great artists (we met Mike Allred last year!!) and dealers. If you feel like SDCC got too commercial and no longer caters to it's original fans, this is con is for you. Or if you just like a nice size con that is inexpensive and makes a great day trip, this con is for you too.

Now on to photos (each links to hi-res version) ...

14 August 2011

p.c.d and updates

Post con depression! It has been slow and quiet since Otakon, just relaxing with friends and not sewing like crazy anymore (although I just bought a new Viking sewing machine this weekend).
Here are some updates!

Updated the costumes & commissions list with new photo links:
Sorry its still an ugly table layout, I would like to change that but haven't decided how yet.

Made two Tumblr accounts:
For my photography: http://crashcult.tumblr.com/
For cosplay and fun things I like: http://mechafaux.tumblr.com/

I go back to school in two weeks... looking forward to more events in New York City, new projects, Fashion Week, etc.
Oh, and I have a press badge for NYCC/NYAF so I will see you there!

08 August 2011

mid-August and hair dye

Last night, my friend messaged me: we had to dye her hair today.
August air is thick with this end-of-summer urgency and my bathroom is no stranger to dye. I've been dying my own hair every color around since my early teens (currently, I am silver/grey), and doing the same for any friend that asks nicely. There is a lot to getting hair dye just right, you need to be ready for a lot of trial and error or have an experienced friend there to help you. Color is fashion, everyone should try it at least one.. even just a little dip.

So here is my lovely friend, modelling for me on my rooftop.
Hair, make up, and photography by me.

05 August 2011

Otakon 2011

Otakon 2011, a set on Flickr.

So it's officially a week since Otakon. It went by so quickly, I really had a great time. Then it was over, just like that. Monday, we packed our car and drove out of Baltimore, promising to return again next year (already booked the room).
Some highlights of my con were attending showings of Kamen Rider V3 and an after-midnight screening of HOUSE with a bunch of my friends. We also checked out the Gundam panel (not too bad), Evangelion WTF (left early, meh), and my boyfriend went to the Tokusatsu panel (weird uninformative format).
I actually didn't buy anything for myself this year... there's very little that I want. I spent my money on good food with great friends.

Oh yeah, and this happened! :)