17 June 2011

Europe Trip

Sorry I had to move my posts. The trip was part of a class and the assignment is keeping a blog, so I had to start a separate one. If you want to read it, just follow that one too... sorry for the inconvenience.

05 June 2011

Roux Louka progress

I like simple costumes. I like not worrying about being comfortable at a con all day, not getting stopped for pictures too often, not looking too wild when I step out of the con for lunch... its a great break from high-effort costumes that I can only wear for a few hours at a time. I like challenges too, but you need those breaks sometimes to just enjoy yourself.

I thought Roux would be an easy one. Technically, she is, her outfit is rather simple and no problem at all.
I've read so many tutorials on updos, stubbing, making wefts & clip on ponytails, etc etc.. I thought, "how bad can this be?"
Several days later, I'm regretting it badly. I should have just went the easy route, buy a little short wig and clip on a pre-made ponytail, no problem. Why make a problem?
Because accuracy. It doesn't even matter at all, I'm not competing, almost no one has ever seen the show, and it would have been more comfortable the easy way... but no, I always have to make it a problem.

And so the wig alone costs twice as much as the rest of the outfit and is taking twice as long to put together.

Three bags of extensions + a long wig from Amphigory that doesn't like to cooperate. There is still a lot more work to do...

Relevant Tutorials:

When making wefts, I use a matching fine tulle rather than ribbon or caulk. Its light weight, more flexible, and blends very easily. I have no problem brushing wefts I make. For the ponytail, I sewed the wefts in with a machine, but for the wig I sewed them in by hand. If I'm just adding wefts for volume, I take the faster route and hot glue them in (going a bit sparingly with the glue though).
I still have a lot of other costumes to finish by Otakon.


I am going on a break for a few weeks because I'm going on a trip! I'm taking a summer class at my school that will take me across Paris, Florence, Venice, and Milan. For the duration of the trip, this blog will be devoted to posting my travel photos and adventures (wherever I have internet to do so). See you then!