22 May 2011

Must See: Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty"

My friend and I picked a bit of a bad day to go to the art museum. It was hot Saturday and the train we needed to take wasn't running, so we walked through a large chunk of Central Park just to find ourselves in an hour long line inside the Met (as students, we only paid $1 each).
But once we got in, all that frustration melted away and we were suddenly carried off to another world. Where we got yelled at to not take any photos, so I had to gather some from google:

My friend and I are both fashion students, but we believe this is exhibit is for anyone. It puts forth fashion as fine art and performance art in a really expressive way. The Met did such an incredible job, the exhibit is designed like a creepy funhouse full of wonders. Rooms with mirrors and spinning platforms, videos on the ceiling, two way glass, a dancing hologram, intense music and projections... it is really something you have to experience since photos can't really capture the feeling. Seeing such iconic garments up close is really unbelievable too, the construction is just mindblowing. It made me feel profoundly sad that this was it, we would never get more, only a glimpse into a beautiful and doomed world. Very inspiring and haunting..
The exhibit runs through July 31st, I will definately go a few more times.  I did end up buying the book (and a printed blank journal)... it is a large hardcover book, a great value at $45.

See also:
+ the Met's page about the exhibit. (w/ video)
+ the Met's blog with photos, video, and more information.

10 May 2011

Start of the Summer

There are barely two weeks until my semester is over, but I'm already gearing up for summer. The air smells great, the sun is hot, the outdoors are calling to me.

I found these two tops at H&M on 42nd st & 5th ave for $5 each, they are pretty great and very airy. Paired with some retro style gym shorts and some giant turquoise sunglasses.... yep. :)
I haven't bought yellow lipstick yet but that is next on my list.

Bikes & playgrounds.
Completely essential.

Some girly stuff:
Fishnet nail stickers! I love em! They have lots of patterns and colors at drugstores & Target, and they last over a week without chipping. I also tried the lace print and have my eye on the animal prints.
Make Up Forever Complexion Kit. I use this every day! Every day. The touch-up powder is my favorite part and really helps with shinyness a bit better than rice paper.

More fun stuff....

http://www.hulu.com/tiger-and-bunny Tiger & Bunny is a new show that is being simulcast on Hulu - aka subtitled and available for streaming just hours after it airs in Japan. This show is amazing! It takes place in a future city where super heroes are part of a super popular reality TV series and earn points for the things they do, while being sponsored by major companies. The animation is stunning, the pace is fast, and I am ready to order the toys. I think fans of western comics could really appreciate this show even if they don't like anime.
Kamen Rider OOOs! I gotta catch up on this one but I really love Kamen Rider... it takes the campyness of live-action super heroes, a bit of inspiration from j-dramas, some crazy music, and a whole ton of fun. Also results in some very cool toys. There isn't an easy way to watch this in the US, so you have to download it.
Excited!!!! :) Otakon is one of the big highlights of most of my summers since 2003. I'm working on costumes from Star Driver and ZZ Gundam and Castlevania. I may be running a panel there too! I usually stay an extra day to enjoy Baltimore some more... the National Aquarium is awesome and the inner harbor is wonderful for food and photos.
Wildwood, NJ!  Growing up, I always associated summer with camp, Ocean City, and Wildwood. Wildwood has a distinct doo-wop aesthetic and an endearing retro charm that sets it apart from other shore destinations. It has about 2 miles of boardwalk with arcades, great beach food, piers filled with amusement park rides, water parks, mini golf, all kinds of crazy attractions, shops, movie theaters, diners, tram cars, seagulls, a convention center, and Polish water ice. Everything is open pretty late and its a great place to stay with your friends.

Ahhhh I'm super excited~ 
 I want to change up the layout on this blog to make it more summery too, but first I gotta get through finals. Wish me luck :)