22 February 2011

Tokyo Fashion Festa @ FIT

I've been meaning to post my photos from this event, since it took place last Thursday.  The Museum at FIT (check it out if you are in NYC, it's free) seems to be infatuated with all things Japan lately and this was their 2nd cosplay-themed show.  The event included a slideshow introduction, a fashion show of Japanese punk, gothic, lolita designer looks, and cosplay costumes, followed by several extravagant make-up demonstrations, and a tea party.

 My friend, Michelle, was one of the models in the show so it was exciting to see her in a wig & make-up that made her look completely transformed.  The show was interesting, though a bit scant on cosplay looks, but maybe the timing was working against them for volunteers.  Overall, I think the highlighting of Japanese subculture fashion is fun and definately brings out a niche community to the events.  Though some of the styles aren't my thing, I deeply appreciate risk-taking.
Onward to photos:

15 February 2011

All Star Superman Premiere & Band of Outsiders show photos

Life is too hectic.. its been a few days since my last 2 posts and since then I went to the Band of Outsiders runway show, Geek Girl Network party, going out with friends from out of town (btw how cute are these ladies?), lots of running around NYC and shopping, fair amounts of homework, and today we went to a movie premiere! Sorry I'm lumping a bunch into one post to save time. I need to tone it down and focus on school more, but for now I bring you some photographs I took of my journeys:

Christina Hendricks & her husband spending Valentine's Day with a lucky little bunch of us nerds for the world premiere of the DC animated film "All Star Superman".

11 February 2011

CFDA / Vogue Fashion Show photo post

I never really got team sports. I like sports like skiing, figure skating, and swimming, but I don't know if I'll every understand football, basketball, hockey, etc. I understand it as a social activity where many people come together, dress up a certain way, get excited, and eat stuff. There are a lot of people like me, who just don't get it. As humans we still need a group social activity involving specific dress, excitement, snagging tickets... so for "the rest of us" there are arguably less mainstream events that we join in, such as Fashion Week or Comic Con. Are they really different? 2010, my first year attending both Fashion Week and San Diego Comic Con taught me no, its all pretty similar in feeling. Between the excitement backstage at a con masquerade or a fashion show, I know I am always in the right place. And I love it.

So I took these photos to document my perspective. They are not meant to be "coverage" of any sort, more like scrapbooking. If you would like to use them for any purpose, please ask.

10 February 2011

Phil Noto: New Machines @ Bold Hype

This week I am truly learning there are not enough hours in a day. So I am breaking today up into two posts. After a long class, I changed from studded jeans & a Tron tshirt into leggings, sequined dress, leather jacket & a TomTom Tron necklace to run to a gallery opening & a fashion show. Back in Philadelphia, I used to spend many nights out at concerts and art galleries. When I got to New York, much less of both happened, which I'd like to change (haha wait, schoolwork comes first).
Too tired to actually write coherent sentences tonight, so please enjoy this handful of photos.

As exhausted as I am, I'm really happy I went out tonight:

If you are anywhere in the area, drop in and check this out. [bold hype gallery]

07 February 2011

Convention Make-Up: A Resource List

Two posts about makeup in a row? Yup.
After this: fashion week backstage stuff, and probably a stretch glove sewing tutorial.

Convention make-up!
Do I need different makeup for a costume than I wear every day? Probably.
Why? In a costume, you get photographed a lot. Everyone's cameras aren't usually on ideal settings and the lighting can be unfavorable and you are playing a character. So you need to account for washed out flash by making your looks really pop.
What are some of the main differences? Costuming makeup is almost like stage makeup, not quite that heavy but still needs to carry. Stuff like contouring, sealer, false eyelashes, contacts, and staying power are things to consider.
Do I have to do all this crazy stuff for a costume? No. Costumes are for fun. I like dressing up, and make-up adds to my dress-up factor, so I enjoy the extra effort and added result. But it can get time consuming and expensive, and I will not hold it against you if its not your thing.

If you are interested, however, this post is definately for you.
I will try to break it down into categories and highlight choices for different price points.
I'm not covering brushes, but I will say that you get what you pay for there.

01 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Pop-Up Shop

Gotta admit, when I first heard about MAC doing a Wonder Woman make-up line, I wasn't any more excited for it than for the Disney Villains collection. Aka, not so much.
But you know what changed my mind? MIKE ALLRED. Yeeeeeahh, I'm fangirlin'.

Like most of MAC's collections, very few of the colors work for me. I'm pale with blue hair so I am currently rocking opal shimmer lavender eyeshadow, with a black cat eye, and occasionally throwing on some blue liner, purple or blue lipstick. On the contrary, Wondy's color story is a vibrant, healthy theme, not necessarily sticking to the patriotic color scheme. The loose pigments caught my eye, in a bold bronze, blue, pink, and very shimmery white glitter. I considered the colored mascaras, but already have a few from beauty store brands. I would like the eyeliner pen but its so chunky, no precision there. The accessories were more interesting to me, as well as the bright & fun packaging art and design.

But you want to see more of the store!