20 October 2011

New York Comic Con 2011

Photo gallery is live! Check it out on flickr.

Overall, NYCC this year was an improvement over last year. It still has a lot of kinks to iron out, but its getting there. 2011 was all about star power! The guest list was pretty awesome. I particularly enjoyed the IFC panel and seeing H Jon Benjamin, David Cross, Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, etc. Everyone else might be raving about the Avengers cast showing up, but my tastes are strange I guess.
A lot of my photos are biased towards robot toys. And what a great selection there was this year, mostly at the Bluefin booth. Bandai had a strong presence at the con, with some solid industry panels to answer fan questions and preview new releases. I had a lot of fun at the Sunrise panel and regret missing the Tiger & Bunny panel.
We hosted a new panel this year titled The State of Mecha. I think it went okay for a trial run, fairly different from our usual style, but I'd like to hear from you if you attended!
We also had the great opportunity of conducting some really fun interviews, as featured in a previous post. I hope to do more of that next year.
Some of our friends were in the Artist Alley.. which was a bit hard to get to. Artist Alley is usually where I spend the most time at conventions, but there were a lot of cancellations this year and I didn't get to bring my sketchbook around. Instead, I just shared chocolate cookies with my favorites.
On Saturday, I was judging craftsmanship for the masquerade. Due to events of last year, very very few groups competed this year. I can tell NYCC is taking the event more seriously since the fall out of last year, but it will take longer for the cosplay community to return. However, the prizes are good and I encourage more people to compete next year (and hopefully I will return?). Please read the rules, though.. competing in costumes you didn't make yourself is a no-no. I have a post about masquerade judging here.
Also worth mentioning is the NYCC mobile app. Javits Center has notoriously terrible (i.e. nonexistent) phone reception and WiFi, so it was an improvement to make the app work offline this year! However it still crashed a lot and left much to be desired. I use Guidebook at most of the cons I go to, I feel like it is pretty much perfect (I'm using a Droid 2Global) and I like keeping it to one app. Guidebook makes it easy to make your own schedule, set notifications, and use con center maps without ever needing a paper guide. Let's hope they make the switch next year.
NYCC 2011 still suffered from huge crowds and some serious con funk, but this year felt a bit more worth it. Although I am still biased towards fan-run cons and feel less devotion to industry-run cons, I look forward to next year and what new things 2012 will bring!


  1. Ah! I would have wanted to see those funny dudes, too. And the T&B panel! Shit, man...

  2. awesome this is event was so great I even got dress as gohan but the camera paid no attention to my costume oh well still I have a great time going there hopefully next time the camera will notice me

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