21 August 2011

Baltimore Comic Con 2011

I returned to Baltimore for one more day of summer convention fun, slightly bridging the gap between me and next year's Otakon. Last year was my first time attending BCC and I was hooked. It is a relatively small convention, mostly all in one big room, and it doesn't disappoint. Every year, they get great artists (we met Mike Allred last year!!) and dealers. If you feel like SDCC got too commercial and no longer caters to it's original fans, this is con is for you. Or if you just like a nice size con that is inexpensive and makes a great day trip, this con is for you too.

Now on to photos (each links to hi-res version) ...

Started off in the dealer room by making our rounds and visiting my friends. A bunch of them had a table together and it was a colorful, musical place to hang out around.
Check each of them out:
- Pixxel Papa
- Squarepainter
- DJ Cutman

 Aren't these cute?

The scene in the dealer room.

Next stop (after lunch) was to check out the artist alley. Since I missed the only panel I wanted to go to, we stopped by Kevin Maguire's table to chat. Looking forward to Justice League International Retroactive in a few days, and more Tanga / Weird Worlds later on.

I managed to miss Amanda Conner this con, but Jimmy Palmiotti made my day with an awesome Painkiller Jane sketch and just being overall wonderful. Thank you!
Here he is sketching Jonah Hex, with Amanda's prints in the foreground.

I got to meet JG Jones and chat a bit while watching him work on commissions.. nice guy, very talented.

My boyfriend is a reeeally big fan of Bone so we waited in a very long line snaking around a Dippin' Dots stand to meet Jeff Smith! He did a quick sketch for us too! Love it & the goofy smile, and I'm always happy when people spell my name right on the first try.

Yay! I really ought to scan my sketchbook one of these days, it is full of gems.

Comic cons can be a little exhausting.. especially if you are Spider Man:

Some more of the costumes we saw...

Congrats to my friends Leigh & Jay for winning best group in the costume contest!

And so our day at the con came to a close with some food in the inner harbor.

See you next year, Baltimore!

(please do not use my photos on your site without permission and credit, unless it is a photo of YOU, then just credit is fine. thank you.)


  1. I came across your blog on google nd i think i was behind you in Jeff Smith's line. I recognized the sketchbook. Haha You make some pretty out of this world costumes! Keep up the good work. Maybe i'll run into ya at another Con. Thanks!


  2. Where'd I post my sketchbook? Hm. Maybe you were! THANK YOU :) I go to a lot of cons, it is possible.