10 February 2011

Phil Noto: New Machines @ Bold Hype

This week I am truly learning there are not enough hours in a day. So I am breaking today up into two posts. After a long class, I changed from studded jeans & a Tron tshirt into leggings, sequined dress, leather jacket & a TomTom Tron necklace to run to a gallery opening & a fashion show. Back in Philadelphia, I used to spend many nights out at concerts and art galleries. When I got to New York, much less of both happened, which I'd like to change (haha wait, schoolwork comes first).
Too tired to actually write coherent sentences tonight, so please enjoy this handful of photos.

As exhausted as I am, I'm really happy I went out tonight:

If you are anywhere in the area, drop in and check this out. [bold hype gallery]

Phil Noto: website // twitter

Spotted: Ian Sattler

I took a lot of pictures but this is a sampling, hopefully encouraging you to go if you can. There were a lot of paintings I really really enjoyed. Really interesting inspiration & beautiful work.
Some of it reminded me of the "Anaheim Journal" artbook (UC Gundam), which is a mock-up in-flight magazine for inter-colony space travel. Sort of retro futuristic. Its a feeling I adore, the future through the eyes of the past..
"new-stalgia" ?


  1. Newstalgia. I like it. It's an effect I truly love as well!

    So jealous. I would have loved to see this.

  2. what a great artist...I love Phils work!