15 February 2011

All Star Superman Premiere & Band of Outsiders show photos

Life is too hectic.. its been a few days since my last 2 posts and since then I went to the Band of Outsiders runway show, Geek Girl Network party, going out with friends from out of town (btw how cute are these ladies?), lots of running around NYC and shopping, fair amounts of homework, and today we went to a movie premiere! Sorry I'm lumping a bunch into one post to save time. I need to tone it down and focus on school more, but for now I bring you some photographs I took of my journeys:

Christina Hendricks & her husband spending Valentine's Day with a lucky little bunch of us nerds for the world premiere of the DC animated film "All Star Superman".

Her voice acting debut as Lois Lane was an impressive performance. We really enjoyed it. Afterwards there was a Q&A panel about the making of the movie, which was charming and enjoyable as well.
Heres a video from just before the screening. This event was at the Paley Center, and I have to say they have some of the comfiest theater seats I've ever sat upon.

♥ ♥ ♥

Backtrack now to Saturday... Band of Outsiders fashion show (rehearsal & actual show):

several of the male models came down from the ceiling on climbing harnesses.

That's that. I don't have a lot to say about it.

Right after that, I went over to the Geek Girl Network party and snapped this picture of my friend Lauren:

That's all for today, friends!
Not enough hours in a day...


  1. I am so envious you got the breathe the same hair as Ms. Hendricks... what an immaculate goddess!! Haha. Seems like you had a fun, busy time!

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