29 December 2010

iZombie style icons: Gwen & Ellie

My life has gotten very busy this year and I've had to put on hold most of my comic-reading (booo). However this is one title I always look forward to and just can't put off: I, Zombie.
Mike Allred is easily one of my top artists (more on this later when I get to a scanner with my sketchbook) so I wanted to support the title out of personal bias, but turns out it is fantastic! And I eagerly read on.
The past few years have tired out zombies, vampires, etc, pretty badly, but this comic offers a fresh and fun take on the matter of the afterlife, with a pretty cute cast to take you through it.

Look at all these stylin' mofos in one panel:

That snow leopard, seriouslyyy.

So here's our main girl, Gwen, the zombie:

Gwen tends to dress comfortably but girly and kind of quirky. I relate to her style more than any female in the comics I tend to read (not to mention having similar haircuts too). Its very real and makes her feel more like a tangible being, its a very cohesive look.

Gwen's best friend is Ellie, the ghost:

Ellie is the more fashion forward, child of the early 60's. She wears a lot of printed mini-length shift dresses with stylish shoes and big hair. Totally adorable & I'd love to see cosplays of Ellie.

That's just two of the girls for now, I may post more with new issues. I do encourage you to pick it up though! Hopefully there will be a trade soon.


Style tells a story. When writing a character, consider that a person expresses themselves through their day-to-day wardrobe, so think that through. It is refreshing to see females in a comic not looking so generic, it helps them come through the page stronger. Does this matter just to me? Or do you think it rounds out a character as a whole to give them a cohesive real-world style? I'm not sure what the female demographics are on comic readership these days, so maybe I should look that up first.

Stay cute, Ellie.

25 December 2010

ART of TRON : mini review

So this past week I've gotten a lot of Tron merchandise... 1&2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. And there's still a few things left to get.. 8. 9. 10.

Not to mention the best of all, Art of Tron!
Really my best gift to myself this season. I love artbooks immensely, especially ones about design, so this was essential to my collection.

Metallic hardcover beauty <3

Possibly with the intent of avoiding spoilers, this book is missing a few things and doesn't have clear images of the main characters costumes, or any making of photos of the costumes that I was hoping for.. but the large 160 pages have plenty to be happy about.
If you are interested in design, its all here. Interior, exterior, vehicle, and .. costume design! So many sketches! Just eye-candy galore.

I'm exceptionally pleased with the photos of Kevin Flynn's safehouse. Very inspiring interior design. There was a lot of information I didn't know about the making of the sets, mostly I've been reading up on what went into the costumes.
All around, the movie is an impressive assembly of a fantastic design team. Can you believe they pulled it all together in just 2 years??
I know some reviewers had their issues with the story but design tells a strong story to me. Keep your eyes open always.

There isn't much more I can say, I'm super happy. At $26 shipped from Amazon, I highly recommend this book.

19 December 2010

Costuming: Boot Cover Tutorial *updated*

[Edit: Added more photos and further explanations! Hopefully this will make the tutorial clearer.]

Boot covers are exactly what they sound like - covers for your boots. They are a great option for a costume because they are easier to pack than full-size boots, easier to match to your costume than painting boots,  will typically last longer than costume boots, achieve a certain look, can save you money, and give new life to old shoes.
Here are some of the bootcovers I made this year:

Blue Beetle boots, covered over old "Superman" style red boots that were terribly scuffed up and creased all over.
Ice booties, covered over suede vintage pumps purchased at local thrift store for $2.
Terra thigh high boots, covered over women's clogs purchased at Target.

Keep reading to find out how to do it yourself:

17 December 2010

Fashion of TRON Legacy

I'm still tired from going to see Tron 2 last night at midnight, then waking up early to take my last 2 final exams today. But the experience was so worth it! Lincoln Square's insanely ridiculous IMAX screen, 3D, with the opening night crowd & giveaways. Totally a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and want to see it a few more times. It was a wild ride and surprisingly deep for what it is. However, my background led me to fall desperately in love with the designs & everything the movie inspired!


The Sirens, Gem in particular. Ice white hair up pulled up tight, seriously stunning make up, and her shoes.. let me tell you, I don't normally care about shoes much (high crime in the fashion world? yes.) but these are insane. Cut out heels are badass, and I'd really like a pair please. Though maybe in gunmetal.
Her whole look reminds me so much of fashion model Jessica Stam:


I never looked twice at Olivia Wilde until this short asymetrical hairdo made her much more appealing, imo. Supposedly her design was meant to tone down her sexual appeal, but the short dark hair is really hot. This look leaves me wanting a new pair of black wet-look or metallic leggings.


Can we talk about this? Really a desperate craving more so than just a want. Cuff, disc necklace, and ring are my favorites.
Find it here: http://www.tomtomjewelry.com/tron.html
(and if I could afford those, I'd also buy these awesome Batman inspired accessories)


Versace Menswear inspired by Tron Legacy
While I seriously question some of the choices of shirts (full spectrum of flamboyant), many of the pants are rather slick and edgy, and the tailored jackets are fantastic. Taste level varies. Pleasantly surprising for the most part!
See the full collection here.
Also of interest, though no direct connection, is Gareth Pugh. Ever dark and theatrical, see fall collections in particular.


Castor: Tron Bowie. Do I need to put words to this? Really?
Made even better by the fact that he is also Wesley Snipes in 30 Rock.


Jeff Bridges, what a show stealer. He had many costumes, and theres not many pictures up online.. I couldn't find pictures of my favorite outfits, so you will just have to go see for yourself.
His costumes stood out with class. Eastern traditional touches like super clean, layered collars draped perfectly in synthetic fabrics, producing very modern menswear looks. Add the light up linings, and you have my full attention. Super-crisp.
I can't think of a designer to compare it to right now, I don't particularly follow menswear, but I will keep researching this.

And that's my list. I tried to avoid gushing over the obvious: alll the bodysuits, sleek bike designs, Daft Punk, etc.
Do I want to embellish my black faux-leather jacket with EL-tape now? Yea, seriously.

06 December 2010

costume wishlist

[edit: forgot to put a picture of Jessica 6 from Logan's Run]

So, only about 3 of these are actually happening in 2011. Plus 1 that I already made, but never wore yet. The rest are wishful thinking, possibly for the following year.
I think the trickiest part, besides finding time to make things, is the wigs. They really add up! Wigs and boots can be the priciest single items in a costume sometimes. I have so many wigs in my closet, but they are all fairly unique and dont work for other characters.

Oh yeah, I updated my ACP for the first time in about a year and a half?? and its still sparse. I really don't like that site.. all the more motivation to make a personal gallery.
ACParadise: mecha faux

If you have any specific questions about assembling costumes, ask and I'll make a tutorial post.

05 December 2010

2010 look-back: fashion weeks

Most of my posts this month will be reflecting back on 2010, since I don't really do much this month except finals. This year was my first time taking part in Fashion Week in NYC, where I had the opportunity to volunteer backstage at a handful of shows.
So heres a look back at the great experience that was: