19 December 2010

Costuming: Boot Cover Tutorial *updated*

[Edit: Added more photos and further explanations! Hopefully this will make the tutorial clearer.]

Boot covers are exactly what they sound like - covers for your boots. They are a great option for a costume because they are easier to pack than full-size boots, easier to match to your costume than painting boots,  will typically last longer than costume boots, achieve a certain look, can save you money, and give new life to old shoes.
Here are some of the bootcovers I made this year:

Blue Beetle boots, covered over old "Superman" style red boots that were terribly scuffed up and creased all over.
Ice booties, covered over suede vintage pumps purchased at local thrift store for $2.
Terra thigh high boots, covered over women's clogs purchased at Target.

Keep reading to find out how to do it yourself: